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WizBI a Data movement Analytics platform

SaaS - On Premises

Discover the magic of WizBI - your ultimate solution for effortless data insights! Say goodbye to the struggles of extracting and presenting data; we've simplified the process for you

Embrace the power of AI enabled data-driven decisions with WizBI and uncover a world of new opportunities. . Get ready for a data revolution with WizBI!

WizBI is a game-changing tool that delivers instant data insights within minutes! Connect to multiple data sources, automate data warehouse creation, and effortlessly extract and load data for instant reports with actionable insights. With WizBI's user-friendly platform, you'll harness the true potential of your data in no time. Don't wait any longer - let your data work for you and seize opportunities like never before with WizBI!

And if you want custom features or custom reports , we are more than willing to co-create with you ! Try WizBI today!


WizBI: The rich GUI gives the user the ability to create the ETL pipeline with utmost ease.

ETL pipeline, Data analytics


Define your ETL pipelines

Define your Pipeline, ETL, analytics


Create the data warehouse and start loading the data

Data warehouse, loading the data


Access your automatic reports or build your own custom reports

Access your automatic reports or custom reports

Get WizBI - AI enabled data movement and analytics

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